Getting Kids Involved in Philanthropy

Star Guild Spring 2012 Hub

Washington state has the highest rate of young people volunteering – 42.2% of all Washington teenagers volunteer – and fundraising ranks second among ways volunteers in Washington give their time. Yet finding just the right philanthropic opportunities for young people can be difficult.

The Guild Association can help. From forming a junior guild to volunteering for a day, the Guild Association can identify meaningful opportunities for the kids in your life. …cont.

Membership News

“We Are Seattle Children’s”

Have you watched the new Guild Association video? The video, titled “We Are Seattle Children’s,” features three guilds and shares how the inspirational work of all guilds positively impacts Seattle Children’s. It also shows viewers how to get involved.

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Tips for Success

The “Forget-Me-Not” Fundraising Checklist

As always, thank you for your hard work and creativity in planning, implementing and wrapping up your fundraising events. We hope this “forget-me-not” fundraising checklist of tips and guidelines will be useful in your event planning process; please take it with you to your next guild meeting and review it with your event in mind. …cont.

Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy Spring 2012 Hub

Two Dedicated Women, One Enduring Legacy

The phrase “like mother, like daughter” is a fitting way to describe Claudette Gubrud and her daughter, Colleen Smiley, especially when it comes to their steadfast support of Seattle Children’s. …cont.