The Rewards of Living Longer

Ross and Patricia Galvin

Ross and Patricia Galvin recently established a charitable gift annuity for Seattle Children's.

Ross and Patricia Galvin tell us that spending time with their great-grandchildren and celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary are tops among the many benefits of living longer. Another important benefit is enjoying a better rate from their charitable gift annuity at Seattle Children's.

"The older you are, the higher your annuity rate," says Patricia. "Annuities are a good way to supplement your retirement income," adds Ross.

The Galvins' annuity gives them a fixed income stream for life at attractive rates, a charitable tax deduction and a way to support world-class care for future generations of children. (See table below for sample annuity rates.)

The couple has been involved with Seattle Children's since 1944, when Ross, now a retired physician, completed part of his internship at the hospital. "I was at Children's when it was up on Queen Anne Hill," recalls Ross. "As interns, we helped care for children with conditions like bone fractures, cleft palates, rheumatic fever and birth defects. Even back then, the hospital cared for the children who needed it most."

"A charitable gift annuity helped with our taxes and helps the hospital treat the children who need it most."

Ross Galvin, legacy donor

Ross served as an Army physician during World War II. After the war, he and Patricia and their family moved to Centralia, Ross's hometown. There, Patricia joined the Johanna Maria Thompson Guild.

"I joined the guild to continue my support of the hospital and its wonderful work," recalls Patricia. "We had tea parties and played bridge. Though the guild is no longer active, I still pay my senior dues."

The Galvins have also relied on Children's care for their own family. "Our grandson Matthew had pseudomembranous croup at 8 months," says Ross. "He received terrific care at Children's," adds Patricia, "and is now 37 and an engineer for Boeing."

"We both believe that Children's is one of the best places to put your money," she says. "As a community, we need to invest in children so they grow up to be healthy, contributing members of society."

To learn about charitable gift annuities and other ways to include Children's in your estate plan, call Lorraine del Prado at 206-987-4977 or Christina Lui at 206-987-6812.

Charitable Gift Annuity Rates

One annuitantTwo annuitants
65 4.7%65-654.2%