Meet the Circle of Hope Guild

Membership News Main Winter 2011

Circle of Hope guild members celebrate their success at Cheers for Children's. Members are also involved in other guilds' activities. They baked cookies for the Dr. Forrest L. Flashman Guild's Festival of Trees event and supported the Milo Gray Guild's inaugural fundraising night.

When the Circle of Hope Guild formed in March 2010, its members hit the ground running like seasoned fundraisers. Its first event, Cheers for Children's, raised more than $20,000 for uncompensated care. Cheers for Children's featured a wine tasting, appetizers, dessert and a silent auction. The guild also launched a Businesses Giving Back Campaign this fall, and two local businesses donated a portion of their proceeds to the guild. In addition, the guild organized a holiday toy drive and an Operation Crayon drive, and participated in Purchase a Miracle as well. "Our first year was extremely inspiring," says guild president Shari Sparling. "We are humbled at the generosity from our friends, families and the community." The guild is also one of the most active guilds on Facebook. It has more than 800 fans, where it promotes the hospital, Children's thrift stores and guild events. (See Tips for Success for more Facebook best practices.)

More Than 100 Years of Membership

Hope on the Hill Cover Guild Membership News

In 1907, Anna Clise gathered a group of her friends and formed an association to support the provision of medical care to Seattle's children. In a few months' time, the group recruited 105 members to help build a new hospital. More than a century later, guild membership continues to play a crucial role in fundraising and community advocacy for Seattle Children's Hospital. Thank you for being a part of our rich history. Learn more by reading Seattle Children's history book, Hope on the Hill, available from our Gift Shop.

Watch Us Grow - Live!

Did you know that you can watch a live webcam of our expansion progress? Did you know that we will recycle or reuse 95% of the materials removed from the construction site? Let us keep you informed! Visit our construction blog for updates from the Children's facility and planning teams, and watch our webcam. Thank you for joining us as we begin Building Hope to better serve children in our region.

New Year - New Ideas

Are you looking for ideas to reenergize your membership for the New Year? It's important to attract new members, and it's equally important to embrace new ideas. As soon as new members join, encourage them to contribute their ideas, energy and excitement. One guild's membership chair calls new members to thank them, answer questions and encourage them to fully participate. "The more we nurture new members, the more it rejuvenates existing members," says Maureen Atkins, trustee and member of the Imagine Guild. Also, encourage your current members to share their new ideas, and support them when they do. Adds Trish Oury, trustee and member of the Catalina's Hope Guild, "Don't be afraid to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes events get stale. Ask yourselves, does our event or project take more energy than it generates in results?"

Consider devoting a guild meeting to brainstorming new ideas. You may find that a new idea generates excitement among members. Perhaps one or two members can research the top ideas and share their findings at your next meeting. Even if you don't act on the ideas generated, save them and review them regularly. You never know when a new idea is exactly what your guild needs to reinvigorate its membership.