Kent Thrift Store

Kent Thrift Store volunteer Carol McKinley, left, attended the Seattle Gift Show with Kent Thrift Store manager, Suzanne Dunnell. They, along with other staff and volunteers, collected sample merchandise from vendors to sell in Seattle Children's thrift stores.

Seattle Children's six thrift stores sell furniture, household items and apparel to benefit uncompensated care. The thrift stores continue to need quality donations, and spring is the perfect time to clean your closets and benefit Children's at the same time.

Many thanks to guild members who collectively donated more than $344,000 worth of goods last year. The following list shows the top 10 guilds in fiscal 2010 retail donations, with the value of their donations.

Top 10 Guilds

  1. Kent Guild - $22,622
  2. Des Moines Auxiliary - $20,226
  3. Jean Stewart Jordan Guild - $16,933
  4. Pat Harris Trilogy Guild - $15,686
  5. Friendly Village Guild - $11,905
  6. Friends of Costco Guild - $10,769
  7. Mona Westover Guild - $9,547
  8. Ned and Kayla Skinner Guild - $8,495
  9. Highlands Guild - $8,485
  10. Dr. Forrest L. Flashman Guild - $8,425

For More Information

For store locations and hours, call 206-448-1507 or visit our shopping page. You can also visit Seattle Children's Hospital Thrift Stores on Facebook.