Meet the Butterfly Guild

Joe and Sarah Bowman and Ralph and Kelly Bowman

Butterfly Guild founding members Joe and Sarah Bowman (right) and Ralph and Kelly Bowman (left)

Joe and Sarah Bowman founded the Butterfly Guild in 2010 to support research into Shwachman-Diamond syndrome. Their daughter Annabelle was diagnosed with the syndrome at age 6 months after repeated unexplained rashes, an inability to keep food down and weight loss. The new guild is comprised mainly of friends and family of the Bowmans, and its goal is to fund exploratory research that will lead to healthier, happier and longer lives for children like Annabelle. The guild has already hit the ground running, presenting its first event, the Butterfly Brunch, at Salty's Restaurant on Alki Beach February 26. The event raised more than $37,000!

Guilds Invited to Champion Research

Seattle Children's is building a world-class research institute as part of its mission to prevent, treat and eliminate pediatric disease. As with all ambitious endeavors, support from the community makes this growth possible. In 2010, Children's established Research Champions as a new donor recognition program. Individuals become members with a gift of $1,000 and organizations or guilds become members with a gift of $2,500. Member benefits currently include invitations to special events with Children's scientists and recognition on the donor wall at the research institute.

Research Champions' first year was a stunning success. Children's welcomed 428 members, including 18 guilds. Many of the guilds that joined in 2010 learned of the opportunity through an existing connection to the research institute. The Guild Association is now formally supporting the effort and inviting guilds to become Research Champions. "While uncompensated care will always remain the heart of the Guild Association, pediatric research is exciting and we want to share this opportunity to support the research institute with our members," said Laurie Boehme.

If your guild is interested in becoming a Research Champion, consider inviting event guests to make a direct donation to research. Your guild may also consider enhancing an existing event with a research component or take on an additional project. Guild Association staff and trustees are available to help brainstorm ways to incorporate a research component into your event. If this isn't feasible, the Guild Association board has also initiated a policy for fiscal year 2011 allowing guilds to designate $2,500 of fundraising proceeds to research without prior approval.

Thank you for your support of Children's and our efforts to cure childhood illness while providing care to all children in our region regardless of ability to pay.

2010 Research Champion guilds

  • Circus of Dreams Guild
  • Dr. Forrest L. Flashman Guild
  • Friends for Life Guild
  • Friends of Costco Guild
  • Heart Research Guild
  • Hydrocephalus Research Guild
  • Jaquish/Dukelow Memorial Cancer Research Guild
  • Kitsap Friends of Children's Guild
  • Mackenzie Nesbitt Guild
  • Marion Finley Guild
  • Miracle House Guild
  • Mitochondrial Research Guild
  • Motocross Guild
  • Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Guild
  • Pink Polka Dots Junior Guild
  • Run for Children's Guild
  • SOVREN Guild
  • Tiny Footprints Guild

Trustees Committed to Your Success

2010-2011 Seattle Children's Guild Association Board Members

2010-2011 Seattle Children's Guild Association board members

The Seattle Children's Hospital Guild Association Board of Trustees is governed by 23 volunteer members, each of whom remains active within her guild while carrying out board responsibilities. Members are elected to a maximum of three three-year terms. Trustees are responsible for the strategic leadership and financial integrity of the association. They approve the organization's budget, work with hospital leaders to determine our annual Funding Focus and strive to enhance the success of all guilds. Through numerous committees and membership outreach activities, trustees look for ways to help guilds increase net revenue, bolster membership and understand compliance rules.

"I enjoy being a trustee because it allows me to meet other guild members and support their various events and projects," says board chair Laurie Boehme. "Each of our trustees is committed to the success of every guild in the Guild Association."