Retail Stores Beads of Courage Sally Guarino

Port Townsend Auxiliary member Sally Guarino shows off her handmade Beads of Courage® bags at the Port Townsend thrift store.

Looking for a new way to get involved with Seattle Children's? Many guild members choose to volunteer their time at one of our six thrift stores. Port Townsend Auxiliary member Sally Guarino supports the Port Townsend store. In addition to her guild activities and time at the store, Guarino uses her sewing skills to create colorful bags for the Beads of Courage® program at Seattle Children's, which provides an opportunity for cancer patients to tell their stories by using beads to represent different treatment milestones.

"It's amazing how committed guild members are to Children's," says Eva Campbell, general manager for retail thrift stores. "We couldn't run our stores without them."

Please consider joining the wonderful group of people who help the hospital by volunteering in our thrift stores. Call 206-448-1507 for information.