New Funding Focus Targets Cancer and Autism

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"We are working to cure cancer with no worse side effects than feeling like you have a cold for a couple of days," says Dr. Mike Jensen, who leads the Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children's Research Institute. Jensen has developed a T-cell therapy that "reprograms" the body's own immune system to kill cancer cells. Such immunotherapy may eventually achieve a much higher success rate than current treatments, without the common side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

The promise of Jensen's research to radically improve the way cancer is treated is one reason why Guild Association trustees recently voted to raise $2 million for cancer research through the next Funding Focus. Trustees also committed $1 million to expand autism services. The combined $3 million will be raised during fiscal years 2012 and 2013. ...cont.

Membership News

Hope for Hearts Guild Membership News Fall 2011

Meet the Hope for Hearts Guild

Wes and Robyn Bradshaw (left, with daughter Reagan) founded the Hope for Hearts Guild to support cardiac surgery education. When she was 14 days old, Reagan underwent complex cardiac surgery that required keeping her chest open for 10 days. Reagan is now an active and happy 2-year-old who loves visiting the Heart Center to see her favorite doctors. ...cont.

Golf Classic Raises $7.1 Million Golf Classic Raises $7.1 Million
Covey Run Raises $125,000 Covey Run Raises $125,000
A Sweet 16 for Children's Ride A Sweet 16 for Children's Ride
Guilds Support Purchase a Miracle Guilds Support Purchase a Miracle
Races Benefit Uncompensated Care Races Benefit Uncompensated Care

Tips for Success

Guilds Helping Guilds

Guilds are known for working to ensure that all children in our region have access to necessary healthcare, regardless of a family's ability to pay. Guild members also help kids by helping each other. Supporting another guild's fundraising efforts is a great way to network, spark ideas for your own guild's event or project and maximize funds raised for Seattle Children's. ...cont.

Leaving a Legacy

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Volunteer, Guild Member Makes IRA Gift

Aimee Bassett is devoted to the patients at Seattle Children's and volunteers each week in the Child Life playroom. "I gave to uncompensated care because there are a lot of people in our region who can't afford to pay for the full cost of their child's care," says Bassett. "It was more beneficial for me to give directly from my IRA than from my regular income."...cont.